Who We Are

MVN, or Must View Networks, Inc. comprises two main divisions: Motor Vehicle Network and Growth Spark Media. Must View Networks, Inc. (originally called RNS Communications, Inc.) is the parent company of Motor Vehicle Network – the business that started it all. Back in 1989, long before there were flat panel displays or ubiquitous Internet access, three members of the Savage Family had the idea to bring entertainment content and effective advertising to captive audiences outside the home. With nothing more than a basement, a card table, and a phone line, they went to work finding locations that would work for this idea. Custom LED boards with satellite connections and data lines were built and tested. With a handful of locations secured, the idea was officially off the ground.

We’ve come a long way from the card table in the basement, and the digital landscape looks a lot different than it did in the early 90s, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that Must View Networks continues to pioneer engaging media channels for captive audiences. With a nationwide footprint, exclusive venues featuring receptive audiences, and an online solution that improves and increases our clients’ web presence, our 30 years experience helps us lead the way for locally-based business marketing and advertising solutions. We offer one of the few signage networks with a proven track record for highly effective advertising, and our clients’ testimonials speak for themselves.

Richard Savage
Scott Savage
Brad Savage
Chief Ops Officer
Murray Michaels
VP Marketing
Ben Erling
VP Operations